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Anonymous asked:
k cool now sexy demon must have his intro fuck

The question is with who. Hmm~


joehoofer asked:
looks like kaiju noah. or dragon noah.

Well, he could be both for all intents and purposes. I only really call him “Demon Noah” for a lack of better reference. (Could even call him Monster Noah if I wanted to)

Well, that and the teeth kinda remind me of oni~

corallia asked:
*flails* do you accept commissions? i am looking for someone to draw things for my friend who's birthday is coming up next month

Looking as it is now, I’ve been seriously considering it - The demand has been high, too! Seeing as I have no income and need some, too… You can probably expect prices to be put up within the following week. :>

Anonymous asked:
Does Noah go after chigle or deer booty? both maybe?

Hold on there brother, it’s almost like yer tryin’ to ship me.

Anonymous asked:
I just love seeing your art, I don't even care what you draw, it's all good

Thanks, that really does mean a lot!! (Especially cuz’ I just kinda draw what I want to, lol)