1. sucysucyfivedolla:

    *tips fedora* “thanks for the speedy delivery”

    "no problem" the fedora replies, "enjoy your pizza"


  2. yo happy fort twinney

  3. Monstrous skedoober something.

  4. Updated 30 min. sketch of Super Syd ( Getting back into swing, yo )

    Finish y/n?

  5. My cat on a rickety contraption of a bed.

    I didn’t even know how she thought it would be a good bed, just looks like it’s gonna move every second.

    (Don’t worry guys more art soon, I am just procrastinating hard.)

  6. ghost-unit:

    look at these weird birds


  7. Late night tomato soup from scratch. Cuz it was the only thing I had all the ingredients for :v


  9. oscar-is-happy:

    Helioture’s character Sydney, or Syd for short.

    My half of the art trade with Helioture.

    Kind of a coincidence, another pink haired girl from an art trade.

    I hope I didn’t disappoint! Her hair was really fun to shade tho!

    It’s m-magnifique

    That dynamic and lighting, tho. FRACKLE 8U

    I still gotta do my half lol, but it’s haaappeninnggg~

  10. Did a thinger in my sketchbook


  12. UHHH

  13. Quick sketch of Syd whom I definitely do not draw enuff

  14. Sometimes I look at my old art and I just

    (Source: helioture)

  15. bearrabutt:

    Masterpiece courtesy of helioture

    My dude, I’d respond to you on Skype but I’m in school atm ghh

    Yeah I didn’t even post it myself :v

    Also that purple notification you get when someone mentions your url is strange and unfamiliar